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"Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider."
--Sir Francis Bacon

(links into the different folders of my online library vault are now to be found in the Library Vault section below)


Recommended reading by various authors

So Why Meditate?

The Key to Enlightenment

The Shift & The Hundredth Monkey Effect

Rediscovering Astrology

Transcendence: Personal & Social Evolution

Wiring Into The Planet’s Collective Awareness


Everything Produces in Kind

Consciousness Is Everywhere

Self-Help Heresy

Gratitude: An Equal Exchange of Energy

Tolerance; Open Your Mind

Recognizing Our Self-Betrayals

Using The Law Of Vibration

Taming the Mind, Transforming Ourselves

Rapid Unraveling & the Demise of Adolescent America

The Body Whisperer

Spirituality Means Waking Up

Dance of Earth and Spirit

An Exploration of Psychospiritual Psychotherapy

Soul Connections: Follow Your Heart

I Ching: This Is It

What You Ask Is Who You Are

An Expanded Summary of ACIM's Thought System

Interpret Your Life as a Dream

The Polarity Integration Game

Marrying The Polarities Within Us

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Seeing The World In Black & White

Pain Is Inevitable; Suffering is Optional

The Secret Of The Masters - Yours!

Nirvana Is Here And Now, Yes!

Communing With The Universe

Pearls Of Wisdom

The Sensed Presence and Romantic Love

Physics of 2012

Spiritual Evolution & Personal Achievement

A 2020 Vision Quantum Leap!

Becoming the Ally of All Beings

My Reality Is Better Than Your Reality - Or Is It?

The Stages of Spiritual Growth

A Health Sense of Self

Could You Be Loved?

Dreamwork: King's Road to Awakening & Enlightenment


Stories, Parables, & Poetry

Only Three Things

The Caterpillar & the Butterfly

The Land of Make-Be-Leave

Rocks Grow On Trees?

Protecting the Sapling

Instant Message from God

Be On The Lookout For Symptoms

Carried Away By Monkey-Mind

The Cracked Water Pot

Guidelines For Enlightenment

Zulu Creed

Everything That Happens, Happens For The Good of All

I Am What I Am

The Five Chapter Story

A Prayer Is Heard

Wealth & Poverty

Recipe for Happiness

Peace Potatoes, Eggs, & Coffee Beans

The Planets


Inner Peace.. World Peace

The Secret of Heaven & Hell

The Power Of Love

In Search of Selflessness

Sharpening Your Hook

House of 1000 Mirrors

New Chakra Found

The Tiger

The Fly Swatter

Relativity of Interpretation

The Fern and the Bamboo

God Speak To Me

The Tapestry of Life

Misc. Reading

| Astrology |Dreams | Tarot |

|Tao of Devotion; I Promise, I Do! |

| "The God Theory" Review |

| The Hollow Earth Theory |

| A Message on Ascension |

| Misc Online Books |

|2012 The Mayan Calendar & the World's Prophecies PDF|

| In a Time of Cuisine |

| Ascension: Aligning to a New World Reality |

| UFO Channel Video Library|

Misc. Viewing

| Acceleration of Consciousness--Global Mind Shift | Esoteric Agenda Pts 12 & 13 | Free Hugs |

| Legend of Atlantis | Matrix Tarot |Oneness--The Movie | Perceiving Reality | Prickles & Goo|

| Reality As You Know It Doesn't Exist |Spontaneous DNA--The Rapture |

|The Shift | Tour Thru Reality| Wholeness | Zeitgeist Ending--Meaning Of Life Quotes |

| From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology | Holographic Universe | 2012 Enigma |

Library Vault

| Esoteric | Divination | Health | Miscellaneous | Psychology/Mind |

| Science/Energy | Survival Skills | UFOs/ETs/Conspiracies|

(the search engine feature in each folder is very handy when looking for something in particular.

simply key in either the title or the author's name to find what you're looking for)


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